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Hello there, and thank you for visiting!  I have enjoyed cooking and trying new recipes…

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Another day, another workout…

Another day, another workout…

Hi there! So, in this section I will be talking about different workouts that either myself or my husband have tried out. I will also be just talking about working out in general and how things may (or may not!) change as you age. I can say one thing for sure…my body has definitely changed with age! I was that person that could always eat whatever I wanted and didn’t gain much of anything. I also didn’t really have to workout all that much to stay looking lean. I know, rough life, right? Well, that is no longer the case, for sure, and I often find that I am beating myself up for it. 🙁 Not good, or healthy for anyone to do that.

In my search for finding that perfect, at home workout, I found The Betty Rocker. I absolutely adore her for so many reasons. She is full of life, silly and just so real. She has a ton of different types of workouts on her blog https://thebettyrocker.com/blog/ and she also has different at-home challenges that you can order that are yours to use whenever. Matt and I are lucky that we have a room that we have dedicated to being our office/workout room and have purchased different equipment over the years. The nice thing about the Betty Rocker is she gives you a ton of modifications and shows you how to do your workouts with little to no equipment if you do not have any.

Shafer loves helping me out with my workouts too!

Right now I am doing a mix of a few different workouts of hers. My favorite so far, is the At Home Workout Domination. The first time I completed this one I really saw some great results and I felt stronger. The workouts consist of upper body focused, lower body focused, total body strength, HIIT and yoga. It really is a nice variety of workouts!

One thing I do have to say is, my favorite thing about her is that she sends such inspirational emails and positive posts on Facebook. She reminds me on a regular basis about being kind to myself and feeling good about what I am doing about my health. That, I am truly thankful for! Check her out sometime and let me know what you think!


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