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A day in the garden…

A day in the garden…

Some people meditate. (Haha…for those of you that really know me, that’s funny!) But, yes, in all seriousness, I know that it can be good for you, and yes, I have tried it. It just does not work for me. My mind is very rarely quiet, but I have found that there is one time when my mind is quiet (besides when I am cooking) and that is when I am planting in my gardens.

I look forward to the days getting warmer for so many reasons, but most of all it means I get to go pick out flowers and plan what vision I have for each of my gardens. This year, there was a BIG snafu of no Spring and major flooding in our back yard, so the last place I wanted or could be was out in the gardens. This was very difficult for me. So, I just waited it out until I could do something with what little we had left after our not-so-nice Spring of rain shower after rain shower.

So, I decided to focus on the few perennials that survived and work on some nice pots. Above is one that is doing quite well. The funny thing is, I reminded myself when we were picking out flowers that I did NOT want to be out dead-heading the flowers everyday, but look what I chose. They were so pretty I couldn’t pass them up. And yes, I am out here dead-heading every day!

Here’s one of our perennials that actually survived 🙂

One really awesome addition we made this year was adding in a super duty filter to our fountain. It stays so nice and clean and even has a solar light in it that lights up at night! It is so soothing listening to the quiet water sounds.

Right now, as I am writing this, the fountain is full of birds taking turns drinking from the frog. With the bad (the flooding) comes the good…the quiet serenity of sitting outside on a warm, beautiful summer day and appreciating what you have done to add a little beauty to your special place outside.


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