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Love and Football…

Love and Football…

Today marks the first day of the official NFL Football season and I have a few thoughts that I’d like to share. Growing up as a fan of football was a bit bittersweet for me. You see, I never lived in the state of my favorite team, the Green Bay Packers, and that really kinda stunk! I spent most of my childhood in Colorado, so I had to deal with all those lovely Bronco fans (I really do love you all!! Just not your choice in teams 😉 ) They’d have Bronco day at school where everyone would wear their Bronco garb and then there was me…Yes, I know, I’m sure you all are really feeling sorry for me, aren’t ya?? Fast forward a bit to me living in Upstate New York. Nothing better there either, except for the short stint where Brett Favre, as much as I hated him going there, joined the New York Jets so I had a local team to root for. That was short lived and I was back to always rooting for the other team.

Fast forward again to me moving to Illinois. Now, things started looking up a bit! As big as the rivalry is here between the Bears and the Packers, I still find fans everywhere I go…even in my own neighborhood! Matt is a Bears fan and I wondered what that was going to be like when I decided he was going to be my number one. Thankfully, he is a respectful fan and we handle the games pretty well, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Matt and I wearing the matching sweaters he got for us last year

You see, Matt respects the game of football and respects the Packers. He has even taken me to not one, but THREE games up at Lambeau! There is nothing like going to a game up there. Even HE had a good time! How can you not when someone is frying up some fresh pheasant fingers in some tasty batter while tailgating?? Not to mention the fried cheese curds!! Come on!

He may kill me for this one, but he even went so far as to wear my BJ Raji jersey to one of the games! They didn’t win that day so he is no longer allowed to wear it, but I’m sure he’s ok with that!

Another fun thing we like to do if we can’t go to Lambeau is to head on up across the border into Wisconsin and spend the day at the infamous Brat Stop. There I can be around my Packers fan friends and he can be around his Bears fan friends. All are happy, especially when you are having a Bloody Mary with a beer sidecar, one of the best brats in the world and of course, fried cheese curds! As you may have noticed, on these days I may not be behaving as my “fitasafoodie” self, but that’s ok! All in moderation, right? 😉

Tailgating selfie!

So, tonight’s the big night. Bears vs. Packers. I’ve got my Packers t-shirt on and my Packers drinking glass ready. Tonight’s dinner is a bit healthier because we will be watching from home so no cheese curds, unfortunately, but I think I can manage. But, the most important thing to take from all of this is…as tough as a loss will be for either of us, I know he is still my number one guy and he will still love me, no matter what…well, at least I sure hope so!

Shafer’s ready for some football too!


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