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Beyond Beef Burger Pizza

Beyond Beef Burger Pizza

Friday Night Pizza Night…its a favorite around here for sure. Usually when I have made my Cheeseburger Pizza in the past, I chose to use ground turkey., but this time I went for the Beyond Beef and it did not disappoint! I love all of the Beyond Meat products (I can’t wait to try their breakfast sausages!!) and I really want to try and start using them in more of my recipes. I can’t tell you the last time I purchased ground beef. I am enjoying getting some pork from our local farmers, but mainly I have been sticking to chicken or Beyond Meat Brats and Beef for simple and delicious summer dinners. Yes, summer weather started awhile ago down here in beautiful North Carolina and we are loving every minute of it!

This recipe is super simple and is exactly what it sounds like…burger on a pizza! Depending on the size of your crust, you will probably use about half of a pound of the ground Beyond Beef. Throw the rest of it in the freezer for a later meal!

Throw it in a saute pan and break it up as it cooks. Do not overcook it! Add a few of your favorite seasonings and set aside.

Next, prepare your favorite crust and cover the top of the entire crust with an egg wash. Follow that with some toasted sesame seeds and pop it in the oven to just start to bake the crust.

Shafer is always at my feet when I am cooking!

Once your pizza has pre-baked a bit, its time for the sauce. I like to whip up my own special sauce for this, using a mix of ketchup and mayo with a touch of worcestershire and a dash of sriracha for some kick. Evenly spread this on top of the crust.

Next, throw on the ground Beyond Beef and then top it with some pickle slices.

Just waiting for something to drop 🙂

Top with your favorite cheese (whatever cheese you like to add to your burgers!) and throw it in the oven until it turns nice and brown. Normally I’d like to freshly grate my cheese, but this night we chose some easy, already shredded, sharp cheddar. We also like to cook our pickles on this, but you may want to choose to leave them until after cooking.

This is definitely Shafer’s favorite topping!

Once it is done baking, top it with some fresh chopped lettuce and tomatoes and whatever other toppings you may want to add and there you have it! Your very own cheeseburger pizza!


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